We Are One

VIENA, born in 2015, is a young and dynamic brand that acts with the strength, experience and vision of a business group with a 50-year history.

The word “VIENA” means “ We Are One” together in Swedish; we are one and together with our customers. The dreams of our customers are our dreams. The trust and satisfaction we have with our customers is our top priority.

Our name is the sum of all that. VIENA, who started its life with dealership experience in the sale of modular furniture and interior door, VIENA grows steadily with a new business model and marketing vision together with our latest technology machinery investments.

High Production Capacity

Our annual production capacity of 180 thousand modules, pleasure and needs on the front plan, we present our quality and original designs to your liking.

Delivery System

We make real our products, which have higher quality with accessible reasonable prices, delivery in the worldwide.

Lay And Modern Design

With the advantages provided by the modular system, we offer the possibility to create dozens of combinations.

Dozens Of Colour Alternatives

Renovate energy of your home with tens of frontdoor and variety of colours which you can change with one call.

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